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Watazawwdo Academy announces offering courses in Holy Quran, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies for students all over the world. The academy provides comprehensive education in Islamic traditions while focusing on reading the Holy Quran, its scientific aspects, interpretation, Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence. The academy curriculum also includes teaching Arabic language grammar which is the basis of interpreting and understanding the Holy Quran.

The academy team consists of highly qualified female teachers who offer various ways of teaching like interactive sessions, media and online tests to keep the learning process engaging. Watazawwdo Academy also offers flexible timetable options to suit different time zones and different lifestyles of students.

The academy platform allows interaction between students and teachers. To guarantee the students’ continuous progress, the academy holds regular evaluations and offers personal notes.

Watazawwdo Academy is the perfect solution for those who want a comprehensive learning experience of the Holy Quran, the Arabic Language and Islamic Studies.


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Watazawwdo Academy

We have a distinguished group of the best teachers.

We utilize interactive games and modern methods in education.

We offer completely free courses from time to time as an incentive for our students.

Our prices are affordable for everyone

We excel in flexibility with schedules, allowing you to choose suitable timings for your sessions.